Curved traces in "Hyperlynx"

Why do curved traces exported to “Hyperlynx” look like that and can something be done about it?

Both are new features in v6. I think Hyperlynx export was implemented before curved traces, and exporting Hyperlynx is rare enough – actually curved traces aren’t very common either – so that nobody has noticed.

EDIT: please file an issue for this.

Yeah, the exporter plugin checks if the traces are connected to an STM32 and if so, replaces all curves with 45 degree bends :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, it’s a bug, we’ll fix it.



Hi, awesome :slight_smile:

Mind asking if there is a chance for a fix in the next month or two?


Anyway, I could frame that design screenshot and hang on a wall, it’s that beautiful.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I plan on sharing every design file and reference once i get the board manufactured and tested, that’s why i spend a lot of time trying to make the PCB look neat and beautiful, so i really appreciate that someone noticed it :smiley:



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