Curious behavior with bottom copper via "jumper" (V5)

Hi, I am using Kicad Application Version: (5.0.0-rc2-dev-570-gbfc70c820), release build with Windows 10/64.

I am working with a simple board that is mostly SMD parts but it needs two “jumpers” on the bottom copper. My issue is I cannot connect a top copper trace to a via dropped on the board using the right hand tool bar.


  1. On F.Cu, place two vias using the right hand toolbar “add vias” Icon
  2. Still on F.Cu, try to run a trace to the vias – will not connect.
  3. Change to B.Cu and I can connect traces to the vias.

I can create my jumper using the right mouse key, dropping vias as I draw the F.Cu trace. The “jumper” trace is created on the bottom as I draw (until the next via is encountered) ever without changing the Cu layer to B.Cu

Another issue (maybe).

On the F.Cu, select highlight net using the right toolbar icon
Highlight the above B.Cu trace (between vias)
Using the “delete” key delete the B.Cu trace.

Display dims when the trace deleted and will not come back until I highlight another net then “esc”

I only used KiCad <= V4.0.7 and the “normal” way has been to start drawing a trace and then press “v” for placing a via on that trace. When done in this order the via automatically becomes a part of the net you are currently drawing.
Probably works in V5 also.

Alternatively, there are footprints in the library for wire bridges.

It may be possible to change the net

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The second approach is more ‘normal’, given KiCad is NET based, but I can add vias anywhere, and then add a trace just fine here on an older Version: (5.0.0-rc2-dev-44-gde6b32d23), release build ?

If the vias are inside a fill area, they collect that net name, if outside, there is no net tagged.

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