Crossing red and green wire

I used autoroute and I noticed it does this:

How can I do that myself (manually)?

It’s called a via… when you put down track hit [V] and see the magic happen :wink:

For more sorcery, hit [shift] + [?] :nerd:

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Thank you for the. I dont know if this a problem or not but when I unselect front and back copper, the green wire stays on the board.

That is a highlighted net, which means that I think that you are using a Nightly build.
We strongly recommend KiCad beginners stick to stable release builds as they are not in a position to deal with the bugs lurking in Nightlies

No, I see 4.0.6 on the top

The track is highlighted with the highlight net tool. (Right toolbar second tool from the top.)
Simply use this tool and either click somewhere where nothing is or click on the currently highlighted track. (I think you need to click on a pad and not the track itself.)

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I unhighlighted it but it still shows

Have you tried clicking the visibility button of the bottom (green) layer again. (turn it on and off again)

yeah just figured it out. thank you for your help!

In some cases you may need to re-paint the display (“F3” key).


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