Crosshair tracks follow cursor everywhere, and ... Hello!

New KiCAD user here, though I can’t use it right now. When I try to start laying out a schematic in eeschema, crosshair tracks follow my cursor everywhere like breadcrumbs … to the point that I cannot see the screen.

My computer is using Ubuntu 18.04, and KiCAD 4.0.7 from Ubuntu repositories (Synaptic). None of the tutorials I’ve watched on youtube show anything like this and I suspect there is some setting I’ve got wrong, but I don’t know what that setting might be.

I did note that if I use keystrokes to access ‘place component’, I can select a component (all the while those crosshairs keep following me!) and when I click to place it, the crosshairs disappear … only to start up again immediately.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


4.0.7 is not really supported. At least here. :wink:

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IIRC it was some known problem and has been fixed long time ago - provided that you update to 5.x. 5.1 is so much better than 4.0.x that you should update anyways.

That appears to have done the trick … thanks all!


If you now updated from v4 to v5 you might want to read this: I had KiCad 4 installed previosly. Now i updated to v5. Now i have some problems with the library setup

And if you had projects done in v4 then this might interest you: Converting KiCad version 4 projects to version 5 (Remap a project)

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