"Cross hairs" method for finding centre of footprint?

With footprints, i often draw them such that at first their centre is not lined up with the footprint editor origin. Its often easier to do this. I then locate the centre of the footprint using the “cross hairs” method. I then move the footprint till the “cross hairs” overly the footprint editor centre point.

I get the cross hairs (in Eagle) usually from the rectangular component courtyard. This is a rectangle with centre same as the footprint centre. In this rectangle , i draw cross hairs using a 0.005mm line from the corners of the rectangle. You can then use the cross hair to align it with the centre spot.
Is this possible in kicad?

First, when you press spacebar the local coordinates is set to zero (dx and dy in the bottom status bar of the window). You can use it as quick reference. It may help you in some tasks.

Then there’s the anchor tool button or Place -> Anchor. It sets the actual zero point of the footprint. It’s easier than moving the footprint items, so actually your workflow may be easier in KiCad.