Criticize the project: 74HC14-based module to debounce incremental rotary encoder

The fact that AdaFruit is selling SeeSaw based rotary encoder boards (and the SeeSaw repository has a board definition folder for a 4-rotary encoder board with a commit comment of “hey its working!” dated 3 months ago) would indicate that your information is stale. I wasn’t trying to sell AdaFruit products, rather show an example of your front panel microcontroller implementations.

Also looking at the repository, I think it looks like that SeeSaw is currently only targetted to samd µCs, so if one isn’t into samd µCs then this might not be the project for you. :wink: Though, if one can legally handle GNU GPL source code in one’s projects, SeeSaw might be a viable starting point for what ever shenanigans one is up to.

I use the bourns recommended scheme for its mechanical encoders and have never had any problems.bournsPdf

I also use the same pattern for the button.

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