Creating vias on 4 layer boards (using 4.0.6)

I have made many 2 layer boards with kicad and am starting my first 4 layer board.
I will have the two inner layers as power and ground. I set the “active layers selection” to “F.Cu” and “power”.

(using OpenGL)
I start the trace on “F.Cu” draw, then press V to create the via to presumably “power”.
The color changes to yellow and I continue the trace then press V again to come back to “F.Cu”, then double-click
to end the trace and all seems good.

when I click on the via, the information status bar at the bottom shows under “Layers”
as “F.Cu/B.Cu”. It seems like this should show “F.Cu/power” but I’m not sure. This is not a “blind via”
so maybe the “F.Cu/B.Cu” is just telling me it goes all the way through but the electrical connection will
only be from “F.Cu” and “power”?

(Thanks for a great program!)

yes, the electrical connection is only in the layers you selected for the via, but the info says where the via begins/ends
I have a 4 layer design (already working) and is consistent with it
you also can bring to the front the inner layers with F5/F6, then you see the connections clearly

Thank you very much for confirming the meaning of the via info.

I would have been worried through the whole design process I was just making a mess.