Creating schematic symbol from footprint

Hello KiCad community,

is it possible to creat a new schematic symbol from a existing footprint?

I already modified a Ardunio Uno footprint to creat an extended ADC shield:

Now I need a schematic symbol and it wound be nice if all specified pins would automaticly show up in a symbol.



A footprint has none of the information required to generate a symbol as you describe. All it contains are pads with numbers.

There is no information about electrical pin type and typically not abstract human readable pin names (Since v5 it is at least possible to have longer pin numbers that could be used as descriptive names but i highly suggest against doing it that way).

Thank you Rene for your reply and the clarification!

I thought pins in the symblom are some how related to pads in the footprint, but of course Pins are containing more informations.

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