Creating netlist in v7

how to create netlist ?,there is no option to create netlist for my schematic.

You mean “from schematic”? File → Export, but why do you need it? A KiCad netlist file is needed only for 3rd party software. If you want to update the PCB, you should use Tools → Update PCB from Schematic.

thank you, i try update PCB from Schematic ,but when i click it ,there is showing some error about "no footprints ‘’ for some components like resistor and capacitor etc,. but the 555timer is updated in pcb. its only updated in pcb ,other components are not updated. what the mistake?

It’s the basic way KiCad works.

In KiCad, the schematic is the starting point of a design, and you assign links to footprints to the symbols in the schematic. Then you use Schematic Editor / Tools / Update PCB from Schematic [F8] to put the footprints and netlist to the PCB editor.

But you have to make sure all schematic symbols have link to a footprint first.
This can be done in at least 5 different ways, use a beginners tutorial for more info (it’s been written about a lot of times).

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Have you run the footprint assignment tool from inside the schematic editor? (Top row of icons)

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