Creating isolated GND islands

Hey All,
I am trying to make an isolated GND island with a single connection to an existing GND pin. Creating the island is easy but when connecting with a trace it does not seem to connect with the island with the gnd pin. Has anyone had any luck with isolated GND islands.

Images can be pasted directly into a post. No need to use some external service for this.

I do not really understand what I’m looking at, or what you are trying to achieve.

Unconnected copper is a bad thing on a PCB, and KiCad does like to do bad things.

You also mention you want to connect it t a GND pin.
Kicad automatically fills zones if those zones can be connected to a pin of the right net.

There is also a lot of information missing from a simple screenshot.
Your problem is much easier to diagnose if you zip up your project and post it here.
Preferably it’s a simplified project which only shows your problem, without a gazillion IC’s and tracks getting in the way.

Maybe what you’re looking for is a net-tie? There are tons of threads about these already, and several footprints in the default library.


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So what i am trying to achieve here is an isolated GND plane connecting from one point to a GND pin or via. Like so

So here (outlined in white) i’ve created a GND plane for a buck converter connected to J3 directly without mixing it with the existing GND plane. Not sure how it is termed as but you should get the idea.

I did this with the keepout zone, not straight forward to do it. I was looking for an easier way to achieve this.

I have never used net-ties but I suppose that:

is true.

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Thank you Net-tie it is.

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