Creating footprint for HDC1080DMBT humidity and temperature sensor


I’m new in Kicad and I;m interested in how to find/create footprints?

For example I need footprint for this component HDC1080DMBT:
I’m not sure what to do. Is it better to download existing footprint (if so, how to be sure it is good one) or to create a new one.


There is a housing_son library. I haven’t upgraded in a while but there isn’t much in it. I haven’t upgraded my libraries for a while though. The only 6 pin I see is 1.5X1.5mm though. About half the size you need. You might have to make this one.

Thanks for quick response. I can make it, together with some other I’m missing.
After I make them, is there a way I can sent libraries to you, so you can verify them and include them in your library, so every one can use them.

See and especially KLC. Be warned that the accepting process may be long and difficult (so I have heard).

The librarians could use a little (or a lot of?) help but they have said that most of the ‘long’ part is contributers not responding back to them over issues.

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@gocidl - have you created KiCad footprint for HDC1080 sensor?

If yes, could you please share it with me? seems to be OK (the same package type) but it needs some work. Dimensions are good.

Please don’t copy Snapeda parts to the KiCad GitHub libraries, they are copyright.
Nothing wrong with using them in your project though.

You’re right, but KiCad libraries are under copyright, too, and SnapEDA uses almost the same licence. Their Design Exclusion is differently worded. Strictly speaking it’s a different licence and those footprints shouldn’t be copied to KiCad official library.