Creating fill zones

I’m busy with a project to recreate the PCB from a old retro computer PCB.

On the orignal PCB layout they have lots of ground fills which I’m trying to recreate as close as possible.

What is the easiest way to add these in?

Are these just multiple fill zones I need to create?

I’ve started playing around with fill zones and wonder if there is a better or quicker way to do this?

Also on the subject of fill zones, once I’ve placed a zone how do I add moe points to adjust the area?

Version: 7.0.9-7.0.9~ubuntu23.10.1, release build

Create copper fills as usual, then add keep out area and tick “keep out copper fills” only in keep out options (un-tick tracks, vias, pads and footprints), then refresh by pressing “B”.

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once I’ve placed a zone how do I add moe points to adjust the area?

  • select the zone
  • move mouse-pointer over zone-segment which needs a additional point
  • RMB-click → context menu → create new corner
  • there is also a hotkey assigned to this command

Thanks. Also found (by accident) I can use the insert key to add extra points.

There is no real reason to duplicate the zones as they are in the original project, but if you do it for aesthetics that is also OK.

Are you aware of: PCB Editor / Place / Add Image? With that function you can add a photograph (or more) of the old PCB to the KiCad project, and this is a great tool for reverse engineering.

I also see some rectangular cutouts in the zone. Those are easy to make with PCB Editor / Place / Add Rule Area. Or with the icon for the rule area just below icon for creating a zone.


This is for aesthetics. I want to clone PCB to be as close as possible to the original.

I’m using the Add Image method to reverse engineer. It’s a really useful feature.

Now trying out the keepout area. In all my years of using KiCad I’ve never used keepout before :face_with_peeking_eye:

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