Creating derived/extended/aliased symbols

I am trying to figure out the new process of creating a family of symbols based on one starting symbol. In 5.x, this was done with the Alias tab in the library/symbol editor tools, but that tab is no longer present in 6.0. The Help documentation still refers to “alias” and the non-existent tab. Forum posts have mentioned a new “derived” status, to be created with “duplicate symbol” in the symbol editor, but my attempts at that always create a duplicate symbol rather than a derived one. The symbol library files use the term “extends”, and I can see clearly how to make “extended/derived/aliased” symbols with a text editor.

What is the official process of creating this kind of symbol using the Kicad tools?

– Ralph

OK, I see the “Derive from” box in the New Symbol dialog. That looks like the ticket. I look forward to the day the help docs catch up with the developers!

– Ralph

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