Creating complex footprints

Does anyone know how to create unusual/complex footprints in KiCAD? I’m doing a layout for a Samsung LM561C LED and it’s a bit odd.

Everything is a bit odd these days :slight_smile:

Does it have a DXF drawing ?

Just stack pads to get the proper shape, like so:

BTW, love how Samsung made sure that if you reverse that LED you don’t just block current, you short the whole trace…

No but I could create one. I just saw that I can import. That might work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Yeah all the mfg try to be different so you can’t substitute the part. They all get cute with their layout. It would probably be fine with just a rectangular block.

When creating your DXF, keep in mind KiCad has fewer snap choices than 2D CAD, after import.

Checking, I find I can query Circle or Arc and get Centre Point, and query Line and get end points.
Missing is line-intersection, and I cannot find where to set origin to a selected point*.

When working with DXF, (re)set origin can save a lot of time, as that auto-snaps terminal placements.
Useful would also be a Copy XY and paste XY button in the forms.
Now, you have to do one at a time.

  • I find under Dimensions.UserGrid, you can manually enter new X,Y, but no snap-selected.

Some CAD pgms have a smarter snap, where they default to grid snap, but when they are close to a end-point, they can also snap to that. Works best combined with Zoom. (example LibreCAD, which I think has a common code area around DXF)
That sort of smart-snap would be great for DXF-Footprint handling.

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