Creating and cleanup of Digikey Scheme-it schematic

Needing guidance on creating a schematic with Digikey. I have created what I thought was a workable schematic but upon export to Kicad it is a mess. Where did I go wrong?


LIB and SCH suggests that the export is to v5 KiCad format. I would import the LIB and SCH separately, first the LIB, converting to a v6+ .kicad_sym library in the process of registering it as a library, then the SCH, converting to a v6+ .kicad_sch. It’s possible you still have to fix references to the imported symbols.

BTW creating a new thread for a distinct project instead of appending to your epic thread is the right thing to do. No need to be parsimonious with threads when the subject has changed.

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It would probably be easier and quicker to replace the unknown Digikey symbols with Kicad symbols and keep the wires as a guide for symbol replacement.

Connectors, Relays and Power symbols are in their own listed libraries. Everything else can be found in the “Device” library.

I would still use the Digi-Key symbols in the first stage of the conversion instead of trying to do two things at once. Symbols are likely to be the wrong size or have a different orientation if directly substituted from the KiCad library and you may be fixing broken connections everywhere. One step at a time.

The use of the Digikey parts library appears to be far more comprehensive and very simple to locate the correct parts. Maybe the Kicad is better for other purposes but not so much for Analog.

I selected the export as SCH


I meant import the LIB too so that you get those Digi-Key symbols.

I will try to spend several hours of research on how to do that and see where it gets me.

Just go into the symbol editor and register the LIB library as a legacy KiCad v5 library (read only). You then get the option to convert to v6 format which is necessary if you intend to edit the symbols.

Maybe some step by step screenshots? Thank You.

Maybe someone else can oblige. It’s bedtime here.

Play around with the interface, discover things. You can’t hurt much while you’re still not in production.

I went to play with this software myself and it just lets me draw a schematic as expected but after shutting down my PC for the night and rebooted in the morning all my browser settings were messed up and Scheme-it had placed itself at the top of the list in my startup folder :astonished: I’m not an OS man and Windows is just a spanner to me so this took a little time to sort out. Anyhow may I ask why we are not drawing the layout in Kicad ? I can see that the Digikey libraries makes it easier but I think Kicad has access to those anyway, I could be wrong ! I think Kicad is the perfect tool for analogue work as that’s all I really do but i’m not a power user :slightly_smiling_face: It’s just I see this as an extra step that’s not needed but again I may have the wrong end of the stick and I hope you get a solution soon…cheers.

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I have only accessed Scheme-it directly through Digikey. Kicad doesn’t have the Digikey library and the one it does have makes no sense to me.I watched some of the Kicad training videos today and my concern about duplicating existing PCB’s with matching parts and TRACES doesn’t seem possible. My original thoughts were to trace the DXF image with polylines seems to answer the trace issue, but Kicad doesn’t like any import method.

The relevant section in documentation here explains how to add libraries using the Symbol Library Manager.

As you have LIB format, select Legacy for the type.

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