Creating an un-uniform footprint

I’m creating a footprint/module for a standard SD card holder/connector. The pads have many different pitches, the drawing sometimes give dimensions to pad centers, sometimes to pad edges, and sometimes to the component center line. Are there tools available so I don’t have to constantly calculate the proper pad center placement on a calculator risking errors inherent in that process? I come from Diptrace which at least had measurement and dimensioning tools that could snap to pin centers, edges, corners, etc.

you may have a look here

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There are workflows for creating footprints documented in postscript/pdf documentation, such as the following, which involves conversion using gEDA PCB, and a few other tools:

Importing a resulting gEDA PCB format footprint can be done either from within Kicad, or exported from a version of gEDA PCB supporting Kicad format export, such as the pcb-rnd fork of gEDA pcb:

If you can find an existing footprint, perhaps in BXL or Eagle format, it can be converted with tools such as

which again, can then be imported into Kicad fairly easily.

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You could also try QEDA for fp creation. Opinions about how it should be have already been linked by @maui :wink:

Or check this one out, works for the push-push ones you can get from ebay and was made after the FCI_SDcard_10067847 datasheet:

Conn_SDcard.kicad_mod (4.5 KB)

Though, I have to admit I had some trouble reflowing (cold, non contact on SCK & CMD I/O pin, were later found during check why the SD card didn’t work), but maybe this was because the pads where right on the edge of the pcb when I put paste on (all else on that 160x100 board came out fine). So be warned.

PS: yeah, their dimensioning and placement is a bitch to get right

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I really like the idea here. If it gets a little more developed, I would certainly use it.

I actually created a nice footprint on FreeCAD with the Draft tools, but I couldn’t find any way of importing the DXF into KiCAD to the pin layer. I finally cut my losses and used my calculator.

What do you mean by pin layer?
Recently I made an enclosure outline for front panel according some .pdf in Inscape -> dxf -> KiCAD

More clearly stated, I couldn’t create pins out of my imported shapes. One DXF importer I’ve used in the past gives the option of importing filled shapes as pins.