Creating a named solder pad

I have been creating solder pads on my PCB by using test points in the schematic and assigning a round pad as the footprint, I want the pad to have a name on the PCB but if I use the ‘REF’ it will change back to ‘TP1’ if I re-annotate at some point even with the keep existing checked. It will add a numeral, I guess it must do this to generate a net list…so what I do on the PCB is make the 'REF invisible and then use ‘TEXT’ to make my silk screen label…Is this correct ? is there another way please ?..under parts placement I can’t find a plain solder pad.
I hope I explained this well enough, my apologies if not !


Assuming 5.1.x, then if you highlight, then edit the footprint (NB not the pad!), then you have various options. One quick & dirty way to do it (and is the sort of thing I do, for a “hobby PCB”) is to set the reference as NOT being shown (tick box), then use the big “+” below the table to add a new field, add text, and put that field on the “F.SilkS” layer. The nice thing about doing it THIS way, is that the text stays associated with the footprint (rather than being floating ad-hoc text).

If you want to do this regularly, then go into the Footprint editor, load the footprint, “save-as” (suggest you create a folder called “My Footprints” or similar) and give it a new name, the edit it, as above. Now use this modified component when you allocate the footprints.

As an example, I wanted a pad on my PCB to have the text “Digital Gnd” across 2 lines, so I editted the footprint, made the “J21” to be not shown, then created 2 lines, one called “Digital”, the other called “Gnd”, set the text size, put them both onto the F.SilkS layer, then back on the PCB, moved them to where I wanted them.

I’m sure there are “better ways” to do this, as I said, it’s “Quick & Dirty” and works for me. If nothing else, will help you understand what to do.

Setting the ref to not be shown is what i’m doing, but your idea is far more elegant than mine, I hadn’t thought of adding a new ‘field’ that attaches it ! this what I will do from now on until a better way appears (if it does) you describe a better way, I’m very grateful

I’ve made a silly mistake ! I don’t need the extra field as I had forgotten about the " VALUE " field !
My brain ignored it as a ‘Test point’ dosent have a value, but when using it as a solder pad you can call it what you like ! and nothing gets upset and of course you just switch off the other info or just switch it to the ‘FAB’ layer, so I apologize and thank you for your help…we learn by doing !

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