Creating a "composite" symbol


How am I supposed to go about creating a symbol like 6N135 (optocoupler) from scratch? I mean, how can I draw diodes, transistors, etc. inside the symbol’s body? It certainly is not “lines and polygons”.

Of course it is done by using lines and polygons. But you can also copy from other symbols. See my tutorial about symbol creation for more details: Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x)

Thanks! Your tutorial is definitely worth studying, whether it covers my question or not :slight_smile: . Speaking of 6N135, its diodes are finer than the grid and their contours are of different width. I have no idea how to manage it with “lines and polygons”.

You can reduce the grid setting while you work on graphical stuff. (smallest is 1mil. This should be enough. If you need smaller features than your symbol might be too detailed.) Just make sure you set it back for working on pins.

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You may want to place pins first before you do this. Remember those must be on the original grid to match up with all other symbols created. Don’t try to adjust them at this grid setting.

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Thanks! 25 mils instead of 50 will do just fine.

You can also adjust the line width for the finer features. You can make the outline any width you want, but if you want visual consistency with the standard libraries the outline should be 10mils (0.01 inches). The inner details can me what ever width you want to be visually pleasing.

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