Creating a Board cut using FreeCAD


I happen to know FreeCAD for designing 3d objects and was struggling with creating my board cut in KiCad.I followed the following steps. I am leaving this mainly as a note to self but others might find it useful.

  • Start FreeCAD
  • File → New
  • In the dropdown select the Part design
  • Create Body
  • Create Sketch
  • Select XY plane (and OK)
  • Now draw your design use lines and contraints(if possible create a fully contrained drawing)
  • Close and now Create a pad (e.g. extrude the pice)
  • Switch the tab from Tasks to Model
  • Click on PAD
  • Use file export → dxf to export the (2d) representation of the part in dxf format)


  • Start Kicad
  • Create new project
  • Click the new footprint editor
  • Goto preferences → Manage foorpring libraries
  • Click Project specific
  • Click the “file/directory icon” and select the current project directory(this is a bit confusing but just do it)
  • File - new footprint
  • File - Import → Footprint outlines from dxf and select the file
  • Save and select the project library (e.g. if your project is called demo select the demo library)
    In your shematics assosiate a component with this footprint or in the pcb editor perss “O” and select your compoments.

Here is a video (7 minutes) of creating / importing the footprint)

Maybe you want to take a look at kicad-stepup. There are some more threads in this forum about it. It is a Freecad workbench for Kicad integration.


If you have any problems with the write up the last step is to cast a magic spell and conjure up @maui. :wink:

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for footprints you may also look at this thread


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