Creating 0.1" Prototyping area?

Has anyone put a 0.1" spaced breadboarding area on a PCB? How do you place unconnected via’s?

The easiest way to do this (IMO), would be to set up a grid to match your 0.1" spacing. Then I would pick out a foot print that matches the annular ring desired and hole size desired. Then you can simply drop that in directly from PCBnew, by clicking the “add module” button. This will add any footprint (module) desired but will not actually have it hooked up to any nets (because it is not defined in the schematic nor the netlist).

As long as you have the correct footprint in there, you should be able to drop it into your design. From there i would do a copy command and continue to drop them onto the grid. If you don’t understand, let me know and I can always make a video about something like that.

If the internal wiring is not too intricate, don’t bother with a schematic. Just place footprints (e.g. SIL-headers) and power tracks with DRC off.

I did that some time ago, turned out well :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what I’m trying to build. I do have other things on the board, but I’ve done the DRC checks for everything else, and I can certainly ignore any that pop up.
I ended up defining a module that consisted of a single though hole that was the dimensions I wanted to use, and then i placed that.

For protoboard layout.all I did was to:

  • Select menu Place then Footprint
  • Under “Connector_Wire” select SolderWirePad_1x01_Drill0.8mm
  • Lay single pad where I wanted to start the grid.
  • Selected pad to edit size and resized to 1.6mm out diameter.
  • You will also need to set Visible=No for all text associated with the pad (so this does not clutter the silk layers especially)
  • Once the pad is edited to your liking right mouse click and select array menu item.

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