Created personal module library, but cannot load footprints into pcbnew (Mac)

I’m on a mac (10.9.5), running 4.0.1-stable.

I created a new library (.pretty folder) using “PCB Footprint Editor” and added one footprint to it (5_Pin_DIN.kicad_mod). I cannot figure out how to make this new footprint visible in Pcbnew or Cvpcb. Several online tutorials say to select “Preferences --> Library” or similar, but I don’t have that option in my version of Pcbnew. Under “Preferences” I have only “Configure Paths”, “Set Text Editor”, “PDF Viewer”, “Hotkeys” and “Language” (i.e. when Pcbnew is active, the toolbar is the same as in the Project manager).

So how do I add a custom footprint library to the project?

EDIT: I know that the Cvpub manual suggests using the Footprint Libraries Table Wizard, but I don’t see a “Footprint Libraries” entry in the Cvpcb “Preferences” menu. In fact, I don’t see a “Preferences” menu specific to Cvpcb (in the mac task bar at the top of the screen, I see only the options for the Project Manager window).

Sounds like you started PcbNew on it’s own, not through the KiCAD project manager window?

This is what a ‘normal’ pcbnew session looks like (in Windows 7) for being able to set up the footprint libraries path(s).
One has the same option in the footprint editor.

What you can see there is a local setup - no online repositories (note the blue circle which does this).
At the top of the footprint lib manager window it tells you the path to the fp-lib-table, for either global use (all your projects can use those libraries) or project specific (additional special libs).

Thanks for the suggestion, but no, I started Pcbnew from the Project Manager Window.

Here’s a screenshot of my setup (on a mac):
(posted link because as a new user, I’m not allowed to post images directly here…)

Any other thoughts?

That was the wisdom I had, sorry…
But considering that your pcbnew/etc. windows won’t close the normal way (as one can read here, and which I didn’t see before replying above) I’m pretty sure there is something wrong with the installation.

Yes, something seems wrong with the installation! I installed 4.0.1 today using the .dmg on the main kicad site.
I see the same problems with 4.0.0.

Could this be a GUI rendering issue (not sure what KiCAD uses for that)?