Create symbol, create footprint and bind them

I am using 5.0.2 version of Kicad. When I decide to create my own module with XL4015 step-down DC-DC converter, I found missing both symbol and footprint of this IC. ( TO-263-5L housing )

So I decide try ( for first time ) create both. I create new personal symbol and footprint libraries create footprint and then symbol. In symbol properties is field footprint keyword. whatever I trying insert into this field, in schema editor I never see footprint in dialog appearing after “place symbol”. Other symbols ( not all ) has footprint filled.

I was trying to figure out how binding works but without success.

Unfortunately, as new user I cannot attach files of library ( only one symbol ) and footprint.

footprint has “Keywords” “TO 263 5”,
symbol has “Footprint filter” “263”

Kicad does not found this footprint nor in placing time and “Assign footprints” dialog.
I know, I can select footprint hard way manually, but I do not know how the bindings between symbol and footprint(s) works.

Can anyone help me explain this binding ?

Short answer.
Hover mouse over symbol in Escheema and press “Ctrl+e”.
In Editor menu select Symbol/Fields…
Click on the Footprint field.
Click button that now reads “Browse Footprints”.
Find your Footprint.

Assign the footprint field. The footprint filter is not used for a workflow where you want this sort of thing defined in the library. (The footprint filter is used to give such a symbol alternative footprints to be selected at the design stage. Example a handsolder alternative.)

The forum FAQ or the official documentation of kicad would be a start:

Thanks you both.
I thought that keywords would be entered when editing the symbol, and then eeschema will offer footprints according to the keywords.

For what there are footprints keywords in symbol ?


The keywords are not for connecting symbols and footprints.
They are there for the search fields (when you use the add symbol tool you can enter a search string. that string uses the symbol name and the keywords. Similarly for footprints. CvPcb does not use the keywords at all.)

CvPcb has a filter by symbol settings button (i think it was called filter by keyword which is where i assume your confusion comes from.)
That button however uses the footprint filters set in the symbol not the keywords. (filters act only on the footprint name.)
See the link about assigning footprints to a symbol i posted above. It explains all of that in great detail.
Additionally you could check out the how to make a symbol tutorial. It shows you how to make symbols including footprint assignments step by step.

This might also be useful to you as it explains the datamodel behind kicad: What is the difference between footprints and symbols?

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