Create pad with hole offset from center

I am working with dual row, 0.050" headers which are limited on pad size. Difficult to solder so I want to make the round pads oval. The increased pad can only extend outward, as inward would touch the other row. When I alter the pad, the hole re-centers. The layout was done in Protel. I have not yet found a way
in Protel or Kicad to offset the hole. I added a short trace extending outward and that works for the copper, but the solder mask covers the trace, defeating the purpose of making soldering easier. I believe the solution might be to modify the gerber solder mask. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


If you look at the screenshot above: in other words, you don’t offset the hole, you offset the copper.

OK, thank you for your reply.

thank you, I have been struggling with this for a while.

This is an example of offset pads, where I have also rotated the pad axis.
I wanted to access inner pins on a military circular connector without having to go to expensive thin tracks
Also inner layers uses a smaller annular ring pad and I wanted to be able to hand solder


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Very nice job. thank you

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