Create own "apps" in the main window of KiCad

on the main screen of KiCad there are the applications to open EESchema, PCBNew a calculator and so on. Is there a way to create own “apps” with python which can be shown here?

No. Scripting is enabled only for Pcbnew. It’s possible to add a tool button for a script in Preferences.

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… as eelik said, can add only to PCBnew.

Example of mine, below…
You can check out this Tutorial link

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If we are linking docs, might as well link up to date ones

@BlackCoffee care to share the plugins you are using? Those are some fancy icons.

3D, my_face and Color_It, execute external Java codes for my post-kicad processing.
Delta_Out (Icon now changed to reflect what the Python plugin does): - changes track widths to 1.0mm.

Examples: Track Width change and Track Coloring (via plugin to run script using external Graphic App).

[CORRECTION - Clarification] The Java code to change colors reads the exported SVG file and looks for specific Hex Colors, TrackWidths, and Selected Items and tweaks their HEX color. If they are part of a group, it breaks it up as needed and “re-Path’s” it. Previously, it did it by selecting the desired track to change via Graphics App. But, I prefer the HEX change approach…

FYI - regarding the Java code, fairly large but perfect and includes a Batik SVG viewer. Snippet below of the Path parsing… if interested…

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 2.55.11 PM


In KiCad 6 the python api should be on more than only pcbnew or?

I think the Eeschema feature still as low priority but is marked on 6.0 feature freeze:

Thought I’d finish-up with an upshot of coloring the SVG…

I suspect most have no interest but, for the few that may be curious; Sure, the coloring of an exported SVG is all about making it pretty for presentation/documentation… and nothing to do with actual PCB.

SVG/xml is Pretty straight forward stuff and can be manipulated in Java and Python…etc.
Thus, for Python geeks, you can load the SVG (it’s just an XML text file) then, parse it and change/add color as desired (parse looking for specific colors and track widths is a good Logic to dial-in particular tracks of interest…).

Screenshot below shows snippet of original and with changed/added coloring (did not bother to scale it)…

I’ll leave it here and look forward to seeing some nice plugins and embedded features in future Kicad releases… I’m particularly looking forward to Eeschema having a similar Plugin ability like PCBnew…

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