Create intermediate netlist from comand line


I am creating some custom bom scripts for my project and I need some support. I am using Linux and Kicad 6. When you generate a BOM using Eeschema gui, it produces an intermediate netlist in xml that later is read in the python bom script to generate the bom. How can you generate the intermediate xml file from command line? I’ve been looking into the documentation but I cannot find it.

Thanks in advance.

A BOM is not a netlist.
Netlist output can be generated with Schematic Editor / File / Export / Netlist …

KiCad does not have a command line interface (yet). It has been propozed, but there is 3 years of development between KiCad V5 and V6 and when it was time to finalize a KiCad version to realease V6 some choices had to be made.

I had to some clicking to get to the issue below. There were some closed issues (as duplicate) ith specific requests for BOM output from the commandline, and those finally leaded to the still open issue linked below.

… but the BOM scripts indeed do create an XML-formatted netlist which is then parsed to create the output file in the desired format.

You could try