Create Component in KiCAD 5

Is there a simple ‘How to’ guide to creating a new component in v5.0?
I spent a while creating one last night, saved it, or thought I had, and now I can’t see it. I have searched but all the hits I found are for earlier versions and don’t work with v5. It is also annoying that almost none of the instructions actually state which version they relate to.


Check out FAQ section on this forum. Rene did great job on documenting the basics.


Thanks for the reply, I have tried to follow it but I think there is something wrong, I think the biggest problem is at the end, I cannot add the paths. This is what I did -

Using Component Library Editor

Point 2 says -
start Eeschema, click on the Library Editor icon - OK
click on the New component icon -
This opens a box ‘Select Symbol Library’ but there is no option to select the new library that I have created.
Selected a random library from the list
Created a symbol
Select ‘Create New Library’ - opens a pop-up box to select Library Table, Global or Project
10. Go to PreferencesComponent Libraries and add both tutorial1/library/ in User defined search path and myLib.lib in Component library files .

  • This is not in Preferences, should it be ‘Manage Symbol Libraries’? If so I cannot see how to add a user defined search path.

I am confused. My tutorials never talks about this. (from your first sentence i would assume you followed them.) Where did you find that?

Sorry, my mistake. I clicked on the link ‘The official docu…’, which is what I was following, and now realise refers to version 4. I have now re-read your tutorial and it all makes sense.
Thank you for explaining

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