Create a new symbol from an existing one

I want to create e new symbol from an existing one.
I have created the new symbol, I have renamed the symbol, I have save the symbol and I have added to the library but when I try to salve the changes, the program says that I don’t have the authorization and in fact when I try to put in the schematic the new symbol I don’t found it,
Could you help me?

Hello @davidepini72

You must save your new symbol in your personal library, not the existing Kicad libraries.

There are a number of tutorials in the FAQ at the top of this page to guide you through the process.

You will also have to create a personal footprint library to store any new footprints you create.


Before installing KiCad for the first time (4.0.7 those time) I read its documentation. And there I found the information that if you want to change default project (used when you open new project) then under Windows you can have a problem as Windows ‘doesn’t like’ if you write anything into ‘Program Files’ directory. The suggested solution was to install KiCad in another directory. Because of it I created directory “Programs” and since then I always install KiCad in that directory. I don’t know if default project is still used to save for example library list but I just do as I started those time.
I’m not sure, but I suppose that because of installing KiCad not in ‘Program Files’ directory I would have no problems with modifying KiCad libraries, but had never such need so didn’t checked it. If I want to use any footprint I copy it into my libraries, and I use only created by me symbols.

After you follow the instructions of the others I suggest you create a simple symbol and save it. The goal being you will verify the ability to save and recall before you spend significant time on a full symbol.

BTW the footprint libraries are the same way.

I’m using Windows, I put my libraries in My Documents / KicalLibs/ …

This way they get backed up with my other documents.

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