Create a DRV8800

Hello guys,
i have the Task to create a pcb of the DRV8800 with HTSSOP (16) Package. (
sadly i have no idea ho i even should start to get the schematic. I used Kicad just once until now. This time i have the Problem that i dont know which component i can use. Can someone please help me? Thanks a lot for help.

You are given the task to create a motor driver board and don’t even know where to start?

This makes no sense.

As for the CRV8800 datasheet you linked there… check out section 10 “Application and Implementation”. That should get you nudged into the right direction I think. And don’t stop reading until you reached section 14 of that datasheet (and followed some of it’s links in section 13 for further reading).

Those chips will get pretty darn hot at 3W in such a small package.