Creat pads with custom F.Mask opening

Dear everybody,

I would like to create the thermal pad of this component: TUSB4041I
I have place a pad the size of the F.Mask but I would like to put copper without F.Mask opening all around. How can I do this ?

It seems Kicad is quite limited for special footprint shape.



Make the big pad as a single smd pad with negative mask clearance.
The holes can be done as seperate pads (no f.mask layer).
TI_bq76PL536.kicad_mod (8.6 KB)

That’s exactly what need !
Thank you very much.

This is a KiCAD capability that isn’t covered very well in the documentation, so variations of this question appear every few months. From time to time I have posted complete footprints illustrating the technique, that you may study for instructional value. See the threads associated with: