CRC errors unwanted


Of course every error is unwanted. I have a schematic where I did add some connection possibilities on the schematic sheet; this just for information purposes.

This one set of them

I did use the # mark to avoid item to be used in several actions. Also I did add the “no connect flag”.
Why do I get error “Wired not connected to anyting” with the wires?
What is the best and correct way to place this kind of information on the schematic without further interfering.


I do get

; Severity: warning
@(58.42 mm, 128.27 mm): Symbol R8 [R]

[lib_symbol_issues]: Symbol ‘LED_Small’ has been modified in library ‘Device’.

I believe that this is because I did change from KiCad V5 to V6.
But how can I solve this without replacing all the components?

Thank you

I don’t understand. Why have you added # in front of the references, and why have you added “no connect flags” to the pins? If you just remove these you should get rid of the warnings?

To get rid of the lib symbol issue you can update the symbol from the lib. It’s often a good idea to do this for all symbols in the sheet.

Thank you for your reply.
I don’t understand your ‘I don’t understand" remark. :wink:
If Iam right, normally you do use # if you don’t want them on your PCB or BOM.
The not connected marks, they don’t need any connection, because otherwise they are used, and those are just for information from an external device. You don’t want that they are used in your schematic or simulator.

Maybe, can you or someone explain how I should do that, putting connection possibilities inside a schematic for demonstration and information purposes. And avoiding them in the BOM or netlist.

When I started v6 for the first time I did convert the whole library. Do I need to convert more and how?

In v6 there exist symbol properties for that.

You can use lines instead of wires. You shouldn’t connect wires to pins with no connect flags.

I see. As mentioned you can also do that using properties, but is probably fine to do it your way.

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