Crashes of eeschema and pcbnew

I am not knew to KiCAD - I do use it for few years and created dozens of various projects.

Suddenly this problem appeared - discussed here few times before. I tried all the advices given here - seems to be showing up regulary. It happens in versions I have installed on ther PC - i.e. 8.01 later 8.03, last 7. and last 6.
It behaved the same an all. The solution to dissable the accelerated graphics sort of worked but it still did crashed sometimes. ver. 8 could live with it - ver 6 could not.
It was obvious it is somehow connected to graphics setup and drivers etc. So I loaded latest NVIDIA drivers - no change.
After few days of experimenting I have found that in WINDOWS (10) - setup “screen” - setup of graphics there is a switch - planning of GNU with hardware acceleration. IT was turned ON. I turned it OFF and voila - all started to work fine as before even with the accelaqration.
I did not switch this thing ON it happened during WIN upgrade or ??? Anyway this is easy solution and works on all versions.
Just to give advice to other unlucky users.

Do you mean “Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling”?

Turn On or Off Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling in Windows 10 | Tutorials (

Good to know.

Yes - in Czech WIN it is called by Microsoft - who knows why - GNU.
This thing makes HAVOC with KICAD - all versions of last 6 years do behave the same.

Interesting. KiCad has long had issues with some laptops with dual graphics GPUs