Crash when loading Eagle CAD


I’m trying to create a project based on importing Eagle CAD, but Kicad crashes after opening few windows.

I’m using version KiCad 5.1.12 under Windows 10.

Is there any log I can find to investigate ?


Is the design confidential, can you share it here? I mean the original. Then you could give exact steps what you do (menu items/buttons, keyboard, mouse clicks…) which leads to crash. Or create a screencast. Saying “after opening few windows” isn’t accurate enough.

Is the Eagle file of XML format and not binay? It must be of XML type (which can be exported/saved from Eagle).

Thats what happened to me when I first tried to import eagle.
The files have to be xml from a newer version.

And my experience is that you have to change something when loading an old eagle project into an “xml” Version to have it really saved…

Sorry, I’m quite busy those days, the files I’m loading is XML format and version is 7.5.0 which is quite recent I think. I don’t have install a screencast software yet and I can not provide the culprit files, since I’m new user so I’ve put them as links:

First link:

[](http://SCH file)

Second link:

[](http://BRD file)

I have no intention of waiting an hour before being able to download some files.

I did manage to download the the schematic and open it in KiCad.
It looks quite horrible:

The schematic also does not pass ERC.
I first started Eeschema in “standalone” mode, then: Eeschema / File / Import non KiCad Schematic with the eagle schematic and then saved it from eeschema.

(Next time you do it, first put the eagle files in an empty directory, as it creates a whole KiCad project with a bunch of files).

This is what KiCad made of it: (32.9 KB)

Thanks for your try and I did not realized that one hour should be wait between the two downloads :frowning:
I don’t really understand your last sentence “…as it creates a whole KiCad project with a bunch of files”
I’ve put both sch and brd file in a directory, then create a new project and import the sch file but it still crashes after the import. Here’s the screenshot just before the crash.

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