Crash! (Bulk-edit fields of all symbols in schematic)

I added a field JLCPCB Part# and now whenever trying to open ‘Bulk-edit fields of all symbols in schematic’ again Kicad crashes completely and closes all windows.
I updated to the latest overnight, same thing.
Windows 10.
Is there a way to clear out the ‘Bulk-edit fields of all symbols in schematic’ fields to reset the thing? Is it in a file somewhere that I have corrupted?
Thanks. M

Can you provide the project including the files?
Did you check the bug-tracker on if this bug already has a entry? If there is non, can you please create a bug report?

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Thanks for your reply Johannes. I got around the issue by grabbing yesterday’s backup of the .kicad_sch file. I did spend some time wading through the text and comparing it but couldn’t spot the offending cause of the crash. I re-edited yesterdays version with he changed done and all working fine now.
I think it best to close this topic now. Thanks again. M

I think it would be better to fix the bug in KiCad. It shouldn’t crash. It would help to improve KiCad so the next person doesn’t suffer from the same problem.

Do you still have the version that crashes? Can you provide it?

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