CR2032 Association

So I just finished my schematic, and I added a Battery_Cell from the device library. When it comes to running CvPCB I cannot find a single footprint for a CR2032 battery holder. I literally cannot believe there isn’t on in KiCAD anywhere. I am running 4.0.6 so all my footprints come from Git I havent messed with or tampered with any default settings anywhere. If I need to make my own custom footprint then I can do that no problem but I have a feeling that I may be missing something here.

Thanking you for assistance and mild flaming if I am being stupid

Try looking in Battery_Holders, there are several Keystone parts there, including 2032.

Okay I am missing something…
Its alphabetical on the left, so I am not seeing Battery_Holders.

Okay I fixed it…went to PCBnew then footprint libraries wizzard and where it said select the source for the libraries to add I selected Github repository and then next and select all then it reloaded everything in giving me quite a few extra things I didnt have before. Why I had to do this is beyond me

Because the list of footprint libs has been expanded since the release you have installed?

So it doesn’t stay linked with Git? I have to know when something has changed and go sync it??

If we add a new lib you (the user) need to tell kicad to add it to the fp-lib-table.
The footprints within libs are downloaded automatically. (At least out of the box, or as long as you do not check “save local copy”)

Nearly everyone (with a bit experience) agrees this is a bad idea though. A better solution would be a controlled update by user command.
With the current github plugin there is no good way to do this. (Hopefully this will change in future versions of kicad.)
The best option is to use a local setup where you use the footprint lib download script found in the kicad-library-utils repo.

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Thanks Rene I am checking the link now. I will get the hang of KiCAD one day, so much is super easy and obvious but I manage to find as many querks and little things I am expected to know