CPU heatsink/cooler footprint library


I am looking for footprint of LGA775 heatsink.
I would like to utilize it as a mosfet heatsink.

Do you know about any library with footptints of common CPU heatsinks?
After ~10min of googling I did not find any, seems odd to me as I think I have seen this kind of cooler in several kicad projects.

Hello and welcome @nic30

You will find a few heatsink symbols in the Symbol library “Mechanical”.
You will also find some footprints to associate with the symbols in the Footprint library “Heatsink”

If none of these suit your purpose, you will need to create your own.

Reread your post:
The heatsink symbol without solder pins and pads will suit your schematic and four appropriately sized mounting holes with the correct placement according to the data sheet are needed for the PCB layout.
You will probably need a graphic outline of the heatsink to help with placement of other footprints near the heatsink.

@jmk Thank you for your fast reply. As you mentioned there are some heatsinks in Heatsink.pretty · master · KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Footprints · GitLab but there is only few of them.
It seems that I will have to create a library for common CPU coolers/heatsinks.

However there are some pages like heatsink 775 search results | SnapMagic Search
which seems to provide kicad models and CPU coolers however I probably do not know how to search them as every single one I have found is missing the model.

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