CP2102 Design Help


I came across CP2102 schematics when googling and tried designing the circuit in KiCad. I’m a bit confused with the connection of 3v3 to the LED (LED DTX1, LED DRX1). From my understanding normally the LED will be connected to GND but in the original schematics it does not, is this correct or I’m doing something wrong.

Sorry I can’t post more than 1 picture so I upload the pics to another site and provide the link below

Thanks for the help.


It was more common to connect leds to positive and pull down. Many logic types are better at sinking than sourcing current


Ahhh ok … just want to make sure that I understand correctly this is what you mean https://liudr.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/sourcing-and-sinking-current/ right ?

The DTX and DRX lines will be +3.3v when idle or transmitting/receiving “0”, so it’s normal to connect them to 3.3v so that transmitting/receiving a “1” will make them light.