Courtyard violation (SMD - THD)

do you think this courtyard violation would cause to much of an issue in assembly? (see attached image).

The violation is between an SMD resistor and a through-hole LED.
Obviously the LED will be hand soldered by myself so the placement machine at the fab only has to deal with the resistor. So am i right in thinking that this violation should not cause an issue?

the pad to pad clearance is 0.400mm by the way. The fab house minimum is 0.127 so there should be plenty of room in that respect.

oh and obviously im aware that there are other violations on the screen. including a couple of other courtyards (SMD-THD) and a silkscreen overlap.
im not too bothered about these for now though


Euhm, no, that is not obvious from the screenshot, so it’s vital you added that in text.

If the courtyards are respected, then this should improve the ease of automated assembly, but for hand assembly they are not nearly as important. Your LED’s are probably placed at some distance above the PCB, so as long as the pins of the LED’s can reach the PCB unobstructed it is probably all right.

I do not see a problem with this. KiCad only flags such things because it does not know you are are hand assembling this. The courtyards are also quite simple 2D area’s and it can keep track of 3D part geometry. So it just flags areas that may be problematic, and it leaves it up to you whether to accept it or change it.

I would probably copy the LED footprint to a project specific library, and delete the courtyard completely from the LED’s.

I see no problems here.
In my LED footprints I have much smaller courtyard rectangles taking care only about pads.

thanks guys.

much appreciated