Courrputed DSN output

I’m using the nightlies and found an error that i can’t reproduce with any other board info than this.

Can someone take a look at this DSN file that KiCad output and see what is wrong?

Here’s the error I’m getting when I load it:
image test.dsn (349.0 KB)

This is the output from the freerouting that is in the Arch Linux AUR.

The position it’s referencing is the last closing parentheses of the file at line 11780.

I checked all the brackets and there are no unpaired brackets (parentheses or otherwise).

Are you sure that “position” means “line”? It may be the character’s position, where linebreaks are interpreted as characters. Both messages tell that the character is - or – . It’s possible that some user-defined string in the board (in the footprints, which come from the symbols in the schematic) has a character which can’t be interpreted. That’s even more probable because you can’t reproduce it with other boards.

It’s a character position as eelik says. The character in question is a Unicode one:

U+2212 − e2 88 92 MINUS SIGN

and is due to the SO−8FL in this component:

(component ESC_2_0:SO−8FL
  (place Q6 166967 -121698 front 180 (PN Q_NMOS_SGD))

Just fix up that symbol to use a normal hyphen instead of the mathematical minus.


I think you’re on to something…Here’s the offending character found in Vim with
:go 11780

(component ESC_2_0:SO−8FL
It’s the O that is character 11780.
When I remove it, it complains about another illegal character, but it’s not at 11780…I presume it’s another instance of that footprint/component.

I will update the library to rename that footprint and try again…Thank you for pointing that out! I never would have thought it meant ‘character’ and not ‘line’.

that was it! you found it…
Turns out it was the - and not the O.
What’s odd is that other footprints have the - in it…such as many of the TO-* and SOT-* footprints.

Either way, I remaned it to SO8FL and the problem is now gone.

Thank you again!

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Those are probably the harmless hyphen.

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