Count of Surface Mount Pads?

When generating production Gerber files, is there a way to get a count of the front and back surface mount pads? My PCB manufacturer asks for this information and my old Eagle program would give me a text file that contained that information (total on front and total on back).

I saw a question about this from back in 2018, with a Python script to run, but did not know if it would work in version 6 and I have never tried to run one of those anyway. It seems this would be a very useful item to include by default in a report file.

I am using version 6.0.2 program.

Unfortunately: no, AFAIK. Inspect->Board Statistics gives you the total number of pads, not separate for each side. Maybe log a feature request in the bug tracker?

Thanks! I did not know about that Statistic page. That confirmed what I just counted!
I went through this process on this board using the stats on the bottom of the PCB editor screen:
935 pads minus 23 NPT holes and 318 plated holed (determined by looking and from report when GERBERS generated), leaves 594 (which should be the total Surf mnt pads. That is what the Statistics page that you mentioned showed me !

Even though I was giving my PCB board manufacturer the number of SMT pads on top and bottom layers because my other program gave that stat. to me, I know now that they really only want the total number of SMT pads, so that Statistics page works perfectly for me without having to calculate anything!

Thanks for the help!

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