Could someone with a lot of patience help me add the RF-Tools for KiCad plugin?

So, to be frank I have no clue what I’m doing.

The Github has what I thought was clear instruction

(to be copied on KiCAD plugins dir) Easy, right?

But I’m having no joy here, there are scripts, and scripts directories, and 3rd party directories for plugins and scripts.

Could someone take me by the hand and baby me through what files for the Git to put into what KiCad folders…I just want some sweet sweet curved traces action, but am to stupid to get it to work.

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In pcb editor tools menu open plugin directory

Then in that folder drop round_tracks directory from github repo or whole repo (in a subfolder) if you want all plugins.

Reload kicad or do Refresh Plugins in the same menu, done.


Thank you so much, you are the best, this forum is the best! :heart:


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