Could not use OpenGL, falling back to software rendering

It’s entirely possible this is not a kicad issue, but a Linux distribution issue.

I’ve just upgraded to Mageia 8 from Mageia 7 and when I open a schematic I get the message:

Could not use OpenGL, falling back to software rendering .

The program is a wee bit laggy. It won’t let me choose Modern Toolset.

Same with PCB layout where the layer selectors do look a bit old fashioned I think.

Anyone know whether this is going to eb a Linux issue or a kicad issue please? If the latter how I might fix it?


Try reinstalling graphics drivers package.

Well, here’s the thing with that.

I lost a good half a day last week with the last round of nvidia updates borking my system completely, so if I do that, I will potentially lose my system again. That’s why upgraded my OS in the first place because the nvidia drivers borked Mageia 7, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to update my OS.

So, I’m not going to do that yet. I’m going to have a minimal OS installed on a second drive and when that’s working with the latest nvidia drivers I’ll tinker here. Other graphics intensive packages do seem to be fine thinking about it.

That’s the problem with running non-mainstream linux on hardware without opensource drivers. You are going to have trouble all the time because nvidia won’t bother to test their stuff on distros that have no recognition.

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