"Could no longer find this item" when creating new folder on 2nd hard drive

KiCad version: 5.1.9
OS Version: Windows 10, 10.0.17763 Build 17763

I have 2 drive in my system: C which is the main Windows installation and E: which holds all my personal files. I’m trying to create a new project in KiCad by going to File->New->Project, selecting “This PC” on the left side bar, scrolling down and selecting the “E” drive, and then click on the “Create New Folder” button on the top right. And that’s when I get the following error message:

KiCad seems to be the only program that has trouble accessing and opening files on this Windows 10 machine. I’m using a local account with administrative permissions (NOT the superadmin account). I have an existing project on the E: drive that I can’t open either. I was able to work in it until I shut down KiCad and rebooted my PC. Ever since then I can’t open it due to permissions issues.

I can’t add parts to the build in libraries stored under the KiCad install directory, and launching the application as admin just causes more issues.

How can I get Windows 10 and KiCad to play nice?

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