Could anybody help me out with the content of


It used to be pulled from a host “” that is however seems gone for good.
It seems necessary for (an easier way of) compiling ngspice as a shared object.


Orson is on holidays :slight_smile:


Sorry but what does this mean?
Does this name signify a person? If so, does he run this server from home via dynamic DNS or such?

If anybody has this script, I could probably host it at some more stable place.
Probably even uploading it to github would help though.


Orson the person is a guy who works for CERN I think. works for me (at time of writing).

Edit; It seems Orson is back at work :slight_smile: and the script has been formally added into KiCad source repo


Thanks, this is both great to know and excellent news.
Thanks to him as well.


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