Corruption of some symbols in schematic

I used kicad schematic to create a schematic, it is infact a wiring loom schematic but I have drawn it like any electronic schematic:

I then printed it and noted that on the print some line are missing, then I looked at my computer screen and low and behold all of the symbols are corrupt. those symbols are multiple instances of 2 symbols, some of them are corrupt and some not. Any ideas ? they have also been renamed SOL and PUMP where as they were SOL 1, SOL 2, SOL 3, SOL 4 and PUMP 2,

Even the top SOL symbol although not corrupt has had it’s name changed. This is serious for me. This schematic represents a lot of information that exists nowhere else.

Can I not trust KiCAD ? AGAIN ?

further going to “edit” (mouse over press e) the component and then click ok redraws the component correctly (despite the right click redraw command not working).

But the names have not reverted. I also note that all symbols that had a space in the name have lost what came after the space. Could the naming convention be a problem ? if so then names with a space need to throw up an error.

How much time did pass between creating the schematic and printing it?

Can you upload a sample or some of the symbols you used there?
I have the suspicion you got the Ref** and Val** fields mixed up.

Also, the title of eeschema isn’t visible, which version of KiCAD are you running and in what environment?

Any link to the former trouble please?

If you use the input dialog for the field references and values (not some text-editor on the .sch file or what have you) it will convert {space} into {underscore} reliably.

The schematic has been created over 2 days when complete i printed. I think reference my addition to my second post that the problem is with using a space in the symbol name:

This is the library: i made it myself, this website won’t let me add attachments, (why not use sensible SMF instead of this “rubbish”)

I am using version 4.0.0-rc1-stable build 7601 on windows 7 64 bit

To set the names I mouse over the text and press “e” on the keyboard

As for the field names - in the library you had on dropbox - they are all without any spaces in them… the symbol names themselves have the {underscore} though, so no problem for KiCAD. If there has been further info on them and it’s not there than it must have been thrown away, but usually my {spaces} are being replaced by {underscores} automatically.

Ok, so no external tools involved, good to know.

The spaces have been introduced when I have edited the name on each instance of the symbol, it is at this point that an error message and possibly automatic replacement also needs to occur or is corrupts everything.

I will make sure i use underscore in the future.

Yeah, I just tested this in eeschema by changing the Reference ‘U604’ into ‘U 2’ and there was no warning or space/underscore swap happening.
KiCAD expects the Reference to be not changed by the user in eeschema… you do that in the symbol editor.
Eeschema then adds the running number or whatever scheme you want to in the annotation dialog by itself without user intervention expected (no safety mechanism it seems ;-)).
So in your case I would suggest, go into the symbol editor and change all ‘PUMP’ or ‘SOL’ reference fields into ‘PUMP_’ or ‘SOL_’.
Are those items numbered in the reality already or is the numbering in eeschema arbitrary?
In the latter case you can let eeschema number the parts instead of typing them in…

PS: this behavior of eeschema might be worth to file a bug report.

Yes, bassically I’m being a bit hand fisted with the software using it to draw wiring looms instead of proper circuits. Yes the item numbers already exist so I don’t want them automatically numbered. They connect to an ECU that already has outputs assigned.