Corresponding 3D Library to pin headers

Hi there,

I am looking for the corresponding 3D library to this pin header library
I thought I would find it here
Especially I am interested in pin headers with pitch1.27mm.

Please guide me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.


I think they do not yet exist. But they should not be that hard to build with @maui’s parametric 3dmodel creator.

Or if you only need them for yourself you could download them from the manufacturers homepage.
(I think samtech has quite good models. But be aware of the very restricted license of such models.)

You could also look if there exists a pull request on the kicad repo that would introduce these models. (I think there are more than 100 open pull requests.)

Hi Rene,

thanks for your tips, Samtec does not seem to have 1.27mm connectors.


I meant samtec (sorry)

Ah, got it.
Which 3D file format do you recommend for importing it into Kicad?


recommended format 3d: step


STEP (MCAD, can be exported) or VRML (probably nicer)

Either will probably need adjustment of position/orientation to sit on the footprint.

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downlad step and create the scaled vrml files using @maui’s kicad-stepup-tools in freecad.

You can also use this tool to allign the files to the footprint.


Ok, I downloaded a vrml file (verml.>=V1.0), created an extra 3D Lib and added the 3d form to the corresponding footprint.
It does not show up in 3D viewer.

(By the way: what a nice 3D modell file selection process at samtec. Thumbs up!)

So I will try kicad StepUp next.
I downloaded it from How do I install it on a windows system and where?


you need to install freecad.

after that you can click on the launch-kicad_StepUp-Tools.bat starter. This should start freecad with stepup tools.

you can also add the stepup tools to freecad. for that you need to copy the kicad-StepUp-tools.FCMacro file into the Macro search path of freecad.
(I don’t know where this is located in windows. You can change/ read out this setting under edit->preferences->general->Macro->macro path)
You then can add a button to the toolbar: (dialog tools->customization)
First add the macro in the macro tap
then add either a new toolbar or add a new button to an existing toolbar in the toolbar tap.


Your footprint has 3d settings.
You need to name the downloaded file as defined there and copy it into the directory defined there.
You can find out where this directory should be located by opening the path settings in the kicad main window. (preferences->configure path)
The entry you search for is KISYS3DMOD.

3d settings are OK. I got the right entry and the right path. I even see the file name in properties and 3d form. Maybe it is the wrong file format?

The files are vrml1.x not vrml2
you will need to use the step files and create the vrml files with the stepup tools.

Get the STEP model as suggested
Align model to footprint using StepUp
here a demo

Copy exported models (STEP and WRL) to your 3D model path
Add the model to your footprint

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@maui: I think this video would make sense to be also featured at your sourceforge site.
(The other one does not really show these aspects of the software.)


OK, take the long way home…
I downloaded stepup (I guessed where to install it).
I downloaded freecad and installed it.
I searched, found and run launch-kicad_StepUp-Tools.bat which gave me an error, because freecad latest version is 0.16 (not 0.15). I managed to edit the bat-file. FreeCAD is now starting with stepup (I guess).
I tested the downloaded vrml-file in FreeCAD and it did not show up there either.
So I downloaded a stp-version of the form. This one did the trick: It showed up on FreeCAD and I could save it as a VRML 2.0 file format which gave me a *.wrl file. This one worked in 3D viewer. But the size was not 0.5" at all…
So, in 3D-properties I scaled the x-,y-,z-sizes down by 0,5.
Then I adjusted offset and rotation of the form (which is try and error for one cannot see the effect simultanously).
Quite good for a noob who just wanted to build a simple board.
I think after that I will stop my efforts to view the board with all parts in 3D and go for walk outside for it is a nice sunny Saturday…

Ironically, i got the following message at Samtec after the third download:
We’re having trouble loading our HPT 3D Models. Please refresh the page
to try again. If you continue to experience issues please contact ehelpdesk----- for assistance.

Thanks for helping me out.


I see if I can add a second video to SourceForge page… Anyway just a fast read of the UM should point there … But I know very few people read the manuals thou :laughing: :wink:


Hi, Rene.

I’ve just downloaded KiCad StepUp and updated FreeCAD to the latest version as well.
Could I get a bit of clarification on this:

I see FreeCAD’s Macro search path for my system is:
There are a few .py scripts located there.

The unzipped folder for StepUp contains the folder demo and I have located the kicad-StepUp-tools.FCMacro file in that folder.

Would that be the only file I would need to copy to FreeCAD’s macro location to get StepUp to work? The reason I ask is there are several other files/folders located in that demo folder.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Greg,
please have a look to kicadStepUp-starter-Guide.pdf (it is inside the demo folder) to have a first view of the tools

There are two useful video tutorial here
StepUp: Align Parts
StepUp: converting a KiCad board and Parts to STEP

There is also an user’s video tutorial here
User’s StepUp video tutorial
In the video the user is copying all demo files, when in fact you only need kicad-StepUp-tools.FCMacro file.

Feel free to ask if you need any further information


Thank you, Maurice.

I did see the YouTube video of the person copying the entire StepUp demo folder to FreeCAD, hence the reason I asked the question to begin with.

I have a video downloader plugin for Firefox, and downloaded your tutorial video to my 'puter so I could watch it closely and often. I better understand your tool, now.

I’m quite impressed with the work you have put into it. :wink: It works like a dream ! Very good job !!

Thanks a lot !