Correct layers for plated through-holes

Hi All

I’ve created a board and when looking through the gerbers, I’ve noticed some of the through-holes are showing up on the solder-paste layer. I know how to turn that off by going into the footprint editor, then into “Pad Properties” and unchecking “B.Paste”.

What I can’t find a clear answer on is what should be checked for a standard through-hole? I presume just “F.Mask” and “B.Mask” but some pins from library parts also have “F.SilkS” checked.

Any advice?


Inconsistencies like the ones you found stem from the evolving nature of the footprint libraries.
The current library convention would not allow the silk layer do be set.

The latest update also states that there should be a outline on the fab layer and that the reference should be moved to the silk layer. How many footprints full fill this latest addition? (I have do not know of a single one who does.)

So what is a good standard? It depends on your needs. In my opinion a good starting point is the klc.
I don’t know a reason for having a silk layer above a pad. (My manufacturer can’t print silk on copper)