Copying schematic circuits with original specific reference from one editor to another?


I’m trying to copy a circuit schematic from one file to another and when I paste the circuit to another editor window it loses the original ref numbers of each components rewriting it in the order it wants.

Anyway to copy symbols with their original Ref designators ?
or maybe the approach to achieve that is by disabling auto numbering feature in kicad somewhere?

first: always mention the used kicad-version in your issue - there are different used version have different capabilities.

Anyway to copy symbols with their original Ref designators ?

Instead of using the standard “CTRL+V” paste command (in the destination-editor):
Use Edit–>Paste special from main menu bar. Choose “Keep existing reference designators”.
This command is also available from the RMB-click–>context-menu.
Beware: this can lead to duplicated Reference designators - these duplicates must be found and corrected by hand.
The Annotation-tool and the ERC are s helpful in finding these duplicates.

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Well here’s the thing, I try to make the stable kicad version make something the latest kicad nightly can’t,
now when I use the method you mentioned it doesn’t copy it with the specific refs still but puts a ? question mark instead of the number.

and it does that when you copy paste from KiCad 7.0 to eschema pages in it, from kicad 7.0 to KiCad Nightly and vise versa.

What could cause that?
Is it possible that kicad doesn’t store the absolute specific reference per symbol in the fist place?

My description only refers to copying between kicad-instances with the same version. (you should first try that - to be sure you have the correct workflow).
Copying between different kicad-versions is not recommended - there may be added/changed parameters for the copied items. So for this you are on your own.

You could also encounter problems if your copy/pasted selection contains complete subsheets - as the subsheet numbering is stored in the root-sheet I imagine this could also lead to changed reference-numbers.

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That’s what I meant I tryed all senarios between the kicad 7.0 and kicad nightly 7.99 instances,
Could it be that the feature is glitched in kicad 7?

“Paste special” with option “retain all references” works fine here between two v7.0.5 instances.
It’s just your usecase if the pasted text contains advanced/unsupported/changed features than it’s expected to see problems.

If you want to play around you use a simple texteditor: All copy/pasting in kicad is based on plain ASCII (the same format as the saved files) - so you could paste your sources into a texteditor and examine this text. But only if you have some time to spend.

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