Copying components from other softwares


is there any reason why kicad cant employ 3d components from other layout packages such as eagle? also perhaps their component library to make up for the missing parts.


are you referring to the older .IDF files, or what appears to be step files for modern ones? (never used Eagel)

As for why they don’t copy from eagles libraries, Kicad’s libraries are managed by a group of volunteers, If something doesn’t meet the mark and hasn’t been verified against a datasheet or similar, its not included in the public libraries, a gap is better than something that is wrong,

There are hundreds of submitted footprints / models / symbols those volunteers have in backlog because the submitter never brought them up to the standard, and the volunteers time is limited

This is all ignoring licensing so far, e.g. eagle many not have a free to distribute license on its libraries,

If there are gaps, and eagles licencing allows it, you are more than welcome to start the process of converting and bringing them up to the standard to add to the public library, until then those volunteers barely have the time to keep up with Kicad user submissions.


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