Copy the schematic symbol position to the PCB

This is a plug-in of copy the schematic symbol position to the PCB , which can help us layout the PCB. However, at present, the operation of kicad5.99 is invalid. The main reason is that the format of the schematic has changed. The original author wants to wait for the schematic API, but it has not appeared. Kicad6.0 cannot be released for a long time, and now I don’t know when it can be released. Is there anyone good at kicad script development so that it can run in kicad5.99?

Plugin author here. There’s another issue about this here: As I told Hayden already, I will update the plugin when the v6 schematic API is out, but I’m not using v5.99 so have no interest in writing code by hand to parse the new schematic file format. However, someone has already done this — user wm93 on GitHub has a modified version of the plugin that parses the v5.99 schematic file format. I don’t know if wm93 is on here, but if anyone is interested in his code, you can contact him via his GitHub profile.

Sorry, the issue 4 was raised by me. I missed your reply. Kicad6.0 has been delayed for nearly a year. I can’t wait to use version 5.99. I wonder if the schematic API will be added to kicad6.0 and will be postponed.

This plugin is very useful, now I only use kicad5.99, I hope someone can fix it! Thank you so much!

It is already operational in kicad5.99

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