Copy & Paste in the Schematic Part Library Editor?

Hi all,

Inside the schematic editor it is possible to highlight a block, copy it, and paste it somewhere else in the schematic - just as you would expect.

However, inside the library editor this doesn’t seem to be possible, unless I am missing something.
It is still possible to highlight an area and select “Copy Block” from the context menu, but there’s no option to paste it.

Given that this exact same functionality is working in the schematic editor, it seems strange that it would be missing from the library editor.

Just in case I am missing something, I thought I’d ask about it here. Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

Hm, I’ve just figured it out.

When I select “Copy Block” it is copying what I selected, but it immediately pastes it right on top of the original!

This is very awkward behaviour, but better than no copy at all.


You select the block, move the block and then right click to copy it.
It’s awkward, yes.

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Thanks! You save me! This system works regularly.